Saturday, November 19, 2011

Supposed Xbox Ten updated: spec sheet shows Next Gen Kinect with 10 times the precision.

Supposed Xbox Ten updated spec sheet shows Next Gen Kinect with 10 times the precision.
from SegaLeaks

UPDATED : XBox Ten Spec Sheet

This morning SegaLeaks has received an updated spec sheet for the successor to the Xbox 360.

MOTION : Kinect SG (Second Generation)
- Fully Integrated
- 10 Fold Precision Improvement

The above spec sheet was handed to us by an associate of Microsoft from within it’s Seattle headquarters. The spec sheet reflects the final retail game box, whereas the previous spec sheet found here on SegaLeaks was of an earlier prototype which was later watered down in order to hit a sub $400 launch price point. The initial design also called for a built in HDD whilst the final retail model is to forego this component.
- Zach Morris

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