Monday, July 30, 2012

Xbox 3 / PS4 Dev Kit video leak test driving GT6 with Kinect 2

1st video leak of the Xbox 3 Station Dev Kit testing out Gran Turismo 6 with Kinect 2  Virtual Reality. 4 GPUs & 4 GPUs inside of the Next Generation Console of the future        Microsoft & Sony come together to bring us The Xbox 3 Station 4  a Xbox 720 & PlayStation 4 all in one with  240 FPS Motion Tracking & no more use for a controller or a TV because it puts you inside the game.   this is 100% real & if it wasn't why is my video grainy? we all know that leaked videos & pictures of unreleased Consoles are always recorded with a cheap camera phone so that should let you know that the Dev Kit is real.  excuse the screen tearing & unstable frame rate the game is early in development but GT6 should be out Christmas 2017.

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