Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kindle Fire HD 8.9 how to download & install N64 & other Emulators the Easy way ( No Root )

The easiest way to download & install Nintendo 64 & other Console Emulators on a Kindle Fire HD 7" or 8.9" without having to root your device & no need for a PC it can all be done from the Kindle Fire (this also work on other Android devices) Testing out the Nintendo 64 Emulator on a Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Testing the Anroid Dreamcast Emulator out on a Kindle Fire HD 8.9 using Nulldc it's still in alpha so it still has a long way to go & has a crazy control setup Kindle Fire HD PSP Emulator Dragon Ball Evolution (PPSSPP Android PSP EMU ) Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Micro HDMI Dual Screen Gaming Test: N64 EMU Mario Kart 64, not the Wii U but hey! Android NDS Emulator NDS4Droid on Kindle Fire HD 8.9 hooked to 27" monitor through it's Micro HDMI output playing New Super Mario Bros. PPSSPP 0.5 Android PSP Emulator running on Kindle Fire HD 8.9 playing Mortal Kombat Unchained hooked to a 27" 1080P Monitor through Micro HDMI with 2X resolution render settings on, the game runs pretty slow right now on PPSSPP 0.6 should be a lot faster once the devs work out the kinks Android PSP Emulator PPSSPP full Speed on Kindle Fire HD 8.9 hooked to 27" monitor Android PSP Emulator PPSSPP - Midway Arcade Treasures EP on Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Android PSP Emulator PPSSPP 0.6 - Ridge Racer 2 on Kindle Fire HD 8.9


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  2. I'm sure most people figured it out by now,but for something like the GBA,you have to download the bios.Just google it and the first result will probably be the gba bios from rom4droid.Put them both in the kindle in any file and open the GBA emulator, install it,then it'll ask for the bios.Just click on the bios you downloaded, then click a rom and enjoy.You can use any rom.It doesn't have to be droid specific because I used roms that I had on my computer.
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