Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rumor: Wii U CPU is 3 Wii CPU Cores clocked a bit higher "enhanced broadway" Codename: Espresso

Source: Espresso at B3D

Espresso at B3D forums has posted that the CPU in the Wii U is basically  the Wii CPU with 3 Cores & clocked higher, this is not the 1st time that he posted these specs.

he also said that the CPU has 3MB of edram.

 Update: Arkam from NeoGaf who is a insider has also posted that Nintendo used the term "Enhanced Broadway" in the documents. 

""  datadigi  Arkam on GAF has just said that Nintendo have said that the Wii U CPU is an enhanced broadway:

This guy is known to have insider info. Massively disappointing if true. """""""  

Update 2:    new rumor from bgassassin that the codename of the CPU is Espresso which is also the name of the guy who 1st posted the info about the CPU being a updated Wii / Gamecube GPU 


It is true that I was told that and even lherre said it at one point in the old WUST thread. Until we know for sure otherwise, I still think the first kit used a modified Xenon and it was dropped in the second kit. Vigil is on record as saying things they did in the first kit couldn't be done in the second. The first kit CPU having SMT was pretty consistently mentioned, but talk about that went away.

Side note: I asked one of those people I mentioned in that post what he had to say about Espresso's postings, and while he said he would check into it, he did say the CPU's code name was Espresso.  So take that as you will. 


  1. This article right here, published a year ago with a statements and a press release from IBM themselves call bullshit to the whole "enhanced broadway" cpu garbage. Its a brand new CPU based on the architecture used in Watson's cpu.

    1. if the Wii U CPU was anything like Watson there wouldn't be devs talking about the CPU being slower than the Xbox 360 & PS3.