Friday, June 15, 2012

Secret Xbox 720 Documents $299 with Kinect 2 Games X6 power of Xbox 360 with Blu-Ray & Windows 8

I have some early Documents of the Xbox 720 that show that it will be 8X as powerful as the 360 but with all the other stuff that it will have going on it will only be 4 - 6 X more powerful for the games it will be $299 with Kinect 2 with a Blu-Ray drive & it will be running on Windows 8 & kinect 2 will have a HD RBG Camera inside , all this is from a 56 page early draft things could change before release but this is what they are going for.  2 GPUs 3 CPUs (1 for Xbox 360  Back Compatibility) 4GB of ram  32MB of edram & more

credit to jeff_rigby at Neogaf for finding this  1393 

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