Sunday, February 10, 2013

PlayStation 4 GPU Patent ?

Graphic processor and information processing device 
This invention provides a command system for efficiently performing information processing. An information processing apparatus 1000 includes a main processor 200 which exercises centralized control on the entire apparatus, a graphic processor 100 which performs image processing operations, and a main memory 50. The graphic processor 100 includes a control unit 20 which exercises centralized control on the graphic processor, and a graphic operation unit 40 which performs graphic processing in accordance with a command given through the control unit. The control unit 20 includes: an interface part 22 which exchanges data with the main processor 200; a command analysis part 24 which analyzes a command system included in data received from the main processor, the command system including a set of non-graphic processing type commands; and an execution part 26 which executes analyzed commands.

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