Monday, February 11, 2013

Sony Patent: Controller with an Integrated Depth Camera ( PS4 DualShock4?)

Controller with an integrated depth camera 
A method for determining a position of a controller in a three-dimensional space is disclosed. The method includes an operation to calibrate a computer program to identify a group of recognized fixed points from a plurality of fixed points within the three-dimensional space using a depth camera integrated with the controller. Another operation activates use of the controller and depth camera during interface with the application. During use of the controller, image and depth data within the three-dimensional space is captured with the depth camera of the controller. In another operation the image and depth data is analyzed to find one or more of the group of recognized fixed points. In one embodiment, the previous two operations are repeated and changes of position of the controller are determined based on a change in position of the found ones of the group of recognized fixed points. The method also includes an operation to trigger an input command based on the determined change in position of the controller, wherein the input command causes an action by the application.

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