Friday, July 25, 2014

Without Kinect does Xbox One face the stigma of being seen as a redundant Console?

Without Kinect does Xbox One face the stigma of being seen as a redundant Console?

A Kinect-less Xbox One doesn't seem to have a good selling point or 'It Factor' next to it's closest competition.
  • There is exclusive titles but Halo seems to be the only one that will make a big difference in the line up so far that could make the Xbox One stand out. 
  • No price advantage that could make it the lowest hanging fruit for people who just want a new console.
  • No technical advantages that will make games look or play better compared to it's competition (besides the push for cloud computing).
  • There wasn't a years head-start that would make it the more established console on the market with more games & developers having a better grip on the hardware.
  • It's not aimed at a different market from it's competition where it could escape the head to head comparison in which it pretty much comes up short in every area. 
  • It's not a smaller design making it easier to carry around & better for kids/teens who take their consoles with them from place to place.

Xbox One with Kinect was a vision that a lot of people didn't agree with but at least there was a vision before. Now it seems to be a question of "why is the Xbox One here?" & I have a scary feeling that Microsoft & some devs are starting to ask this same question.

Xbox One remind me a lot of the Sega Saturn.
Priced $100 more at launch then dropped the price to match the competition, 3rd party devs have a hurdle to jump over vs making the same game for the other system and it hasn't really made a case for it's self besides having exclusives but that didn't help Saturn much because people was able to find games that filled the void on the PS1.

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