Friday, August 8, 2014

DualShock 4 Motion & Touch controls might be the straws that break the Xbox One's back.

Next Gen arrived with all 3 consoles coming equipped with new next gen control interfaces as standard. But sadly Microsoft has abandoned the Kinect as a standard part of the Xbox One to achieve a lower price that would match the PS4's $399 price tag. This seems like a good choice to some who don't like anything motion control related but in the end this will really hurt the Xbox One as a platform because we are at a time when Tablets & Smartphones are the home of all types of new games thanks to their touch screens & motion sensors & some of them become big hits. Without Kinect Xbox One will miss out on these crazy little games with non standard controls because devs will think twice about making games for the Xbox One that only a few can play & even then Kinect might not have been able to do the games justice. But PS4 having motion sensing & touch controls standard will be able to control these games in almost the same manner as a Tablet or Smartphone & better yet PS4 can introduce new gameplay ideas for devs to take advantage of making it a even better console to own than Xbox One even without the power advantage that it already has over the Xbox One.

Only time will tell but PS4 could be the Wii / NDS of this generation once devs start to making good use of it's non-standard controller.  

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