Sunday, October 28, 2012

Call of Duty Black Ops II should use this lost & forgotten PlayStation 3 feature: Keyboard & Mouse support

I almost forgot all about Keyboard & Mouse  support being a feature of the PlayStation 3 for games, I was bored & decided to try it out for the 1st time tonight, I'm not much of a First Person Shooter player & I never really played much games on my computers so this was probably my 1st time really playing a FPS with a KB & M & it's also like my 2nd time playing Unreal Tournament 3 since maybe the 1st year or so that it came out around 2007 - 2008 it's just been in my stack of games but I just tried it out with M/KB & it plays a lot better than I ever remember it playing with a controller & I'm not really sure if I had the mouse set right I just moved the sliders & tried it out & as I was playing all I could think is why the hell hasn't any COD games used this feature on the PS3? yeah I know the people playing with controllers will be crying saying it's unfair but they shouldn't cry they should just get a KB/M too if they feel like it's unfair . PS: the mouse pad I had sucked but it's the only one I could find laying around the house & I'm playing on a dresser instead of a computer desk so it's not really the best set up for playing KB/M games but I was just testing it out.

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