Friday, October 19, 2012

Sports Champions 2 Tennis Gameplay Video & review (PS3 PlayStation Move )

Here is a video of  Tennis from the Sports Champions 2 demo & it's easily the best motion controlled Tennis game just from the demo even with assist on.  the full game comes out  October 30th & will feature Boxing , Bowling , Golf , Tennis , Skiing & a brand new Archery game. if you have already played Sports Champion 1 then you already know that the game is a lot better once the assist comes off & give you full control of the gameplay Sports Champions 2 will be the same way, so if you have played the demo & think that it's too easy or you don't feel like you have as much control as you want to have don't worry it's just the assist that's there for new players to help them get into the game & the full game will be a lot better without the assist.

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