Sunday, October 28, 2012

Samsung S27B550V Monitor Input Lag Test.

Testing the input lag of the Samsung S27B550V  27" LED backlit LCD Monitor using a Mouse & Keyboard in the XMB of the PS3 & I actually didn't see any input lag when I slowed the video down & moved it frame by frame because as far as I can see the XMB moved in the same frame that the keys was pressed in, I was shocked by this even though this is my second test because I also did the stop clock test with my laptop hooked up to the LCD monitor & a CRT monitor & the pictures show the monitors with the same time  on the ms clock.

& here is a test with the  PS3 Dualshock 3  in Street Fighter 4


Below are some Input Lag Test results using the input lag  clock test  Samsung S27B550V vs CRT & also vs my laptop screen, 
Samsung S27B550V was hooked up through HDMI in all the test with the CRT being hooked up through VGA & for the most part they both showed the same time in the snapshots with a few times where the CRT would be ahead & even some times showing the LCD monitor being ahead which is strange since CRT monitors don't have any input lag that I know of so I'm guessing it was just a few hiccups that cause the Samsung S27B550V to be ahead of a CRT in a few shots , The Samsung S27B550V vs the Laptop screen mostly showed the S27B550V ahead with the same number being shown a few times.

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