Monday, October 21, 2013

MonoGame Framework is coming to PlayStation 4

MonoGame for PlayStation 4 in the works

" For the past 4 years, little by little the MonoGame team has grown. We've added various platforms and had lots of games released using MonoGame.
 Today is another major milestone.
The MonoGame team is very proud to announce that a MonoGame port for PlayStation 4 is under-way.
We are porting MonoGame to the PS4 using Xamarin's fully featured Mono for PS4 port (available through Sony's Console Developer Programme to approved developers).
The MonoGame project and the whole team are ecstatic about the possibilities of bringing MonoGame to consoles.
This port of MonoGame for PS4, is being spearheaded by Tom Spilman, from SickheadGames. Tom and Sickhead were responsible for the Windows 8 port of MonoGame.
It is early days, but the initial work looks very promising. " 

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