Sunday, October 20, 2013

PS4 releasing without the most important part of PlayStation Consoles 'The Vector Co-processor' ? I don't think so!

PS1 had  "A Vector Unit called the "Geometry Transformation Engine," built inside the CPU."

PS2 had  Vector Units: VU0 and VU1 
VU1 3.08 GFLOPS (with Internal 0.64 GFLOPS EFU)

PS3 had the SPE's 

" In 2000, IBM, Toshiba and Sony collaborated to create the Cell processor, consisting of one scalar processor and eight vector processors, which found use in the Sony PlayStation 3 among other applications." 

that was 25.6 GFLOPS each 6 = 153.6 GFLOPS of vector processing from the SPEs (not counting the 7th SPE that was used for the OS) 

PS4 = ???   only the Jaguar Cores  & GPGPU Compute?  maybe but this just doesn't fit with all the other PlayStation Home Consoles  so I'm holding out hope that their is a Vector Co-Processor in the PS4.  

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